Monday, 11 June 2012

I've been very slack. Honestly I think I've just been busy & any computer time I get I've been using to scan the forums and check 12wbt facebook groups! Plus whenever I get on the computer there's a certain very cute little boy who demands to share the keyboard with me!

I've had a couple of 'light bulb' moments the last few days & I wanted to write them down somewhere I could reflect on them.

Firstly, I need to make a better commitment to track my calories. I do a pretty good ob at sticking to the main meal calories but sometimes I swap the main meals on the plan for ones which are a bit more family friendly, sometimes those swapped meals are alternatives from the recipe index but sometimes they're just stirfrys or protein and salad etc ... and for example, today - I didn't track my calories but I skipped breakfast because we slept in, I exercised & by the time I showered and wrangled a few kids it was 11am. I decided to wait until lunch and save my calories for dessert tonight as we were having my sister over for her birthday. Now, I had a light lunch of pumpkin soup & didn't snack during the day, a dinner of stir fry with very little rice and then chocolate pudding with a little bit of ice cream.

I have NO IDEA how many calories that was!!! I think I prefer not knowing!! I'll just smash out some calories tomorrow and hope for the best on the scales on Wednesday!

AND I also think by not tracking I get a bit of food amnesia and forget what snacks I've eaten and an extra 100-200 calories here and there isn't going to help.

see what I mean??

So I think I need to make a commitment to really track my calories ... EXACTLY, no excuses.

My second light bulb moment ...

I've been reading on the forums and on facebook all these amazing inspirational stories & people setting and smashing goals to do things like Kokoda track, tough Mudders, stampede, triathlons, marathons, half marathons etc ... And I think it started to overwhelm me a bit. I kept thinking "I should be setting a goal to do xyz" or "I should be wanting to run a half marathon, or do a tough mudder". And at the moment, to tel you the truth, I don't want those things. To me those kind of goals just seem too far out of my reach at the moment. At the moment I want to just lose weight and be healthy! Just!! ha!

Does that make sense? so I'm really going to try and re-focus on the goals I set during pre-season. THOSE are the ones that are important to me right now. So what were they??

Pre-Season Goals:
1. Be under 90k by the time round 1 starts (to do this I had to lose 5.5kg) - DONE!!
2. Run 1 km without stopping - DONE!!

1st month goals:
1. Lose 6kg and be under 84kg - I think if I get my tracking down, I CAN do this!
2. Run 2km without stopping and be under 15 minutes - pretty confident of smashing this.

3 month Goals:
1. Fit into a size 12 - that will be a HAPPY HAPPY day!!!
2. Run 5km with no stopping

So these are my main focus at the moment and I really believe that the key will be to track my calories.

First full week weigh in is on Wednesday. I want to see at least a kilo down (maybe I'll pay for my pudding sins tonight?!) It's going to be a close call I think.

Exercise is chugging along nicely. Hitting my 500 calories each session (sometimes have to add extra cardio on toning days) and hit 1175 on Thursday for my SSS so this week I'm going to really try and focus on the food...and I'm going to try and blog more!

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