Monday, 5 March 2007

a new week

Monday again. PT this morning.

I don't normally sweat at the gym much. I mean, I sweat, but never dripping off my face, shirt wet kind of sweat... until today. I don't know if it was just because it was humid today or maybe I'm just tired from the weekend, but everything seemed to take so much effort and I was dripping with sweat. By the time I finished my cardio after my PT, the front of my shirt was wet through and I could feel the back clinging to my skin ... noice.

It's pretty humid today, so maybe that's why ...

I want a heart rate monitor ... still.

One of these mornings I'm going to get up early enough to go running along the cliffs at KP. I really want to have a run on the flat and see how far I can get without hills being in the equation. They kill me. Around here, there's nothing flat. Might see if I can do it tomorrow morning. I need a stop watch though, I want to know how long it takes me... a HRM comes with a stopwatch function .... hmmmmm.

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Lisa said...

Hello Sarah
I picked up your blog off CoolRunning and am reading it through from the beginning. Thought I might add a few comments along the way - you know - those ahah moments - if I wait to the end of the blog I will have forgotten them!
Re this post - did you know that the fitter you get, the more you sweat? I found this out during my fitness journey too - its called thermoregulation, and the fitter you get, the more efficient your body is at regulating its temperature. Cool huh?